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We manufacture and market a wide range of scientific instruments and systems around the world. We specialize in Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, Atomic Absorption, Flame photometers, GC, FTIR & FTNIR, SEM microscopy plus a lot more

We have one of the largest laboratory products catalogue available today

We market a range of high performance SEM systems desk top and UHR SEM scanning electron microscopes and provide after sales servicing for a wide range of other SEM products

For XRF we supply a wide range of instruments which include hand held, desk top, QA, research, WDXRF, transmission and special low cost instruments for precious metal determination plus detectors and X-ray sources.

For XRD we offer a complete range of systems including portable, desk top and conventional instruments, with a unique range of high speed diffractometers using position sensitive detectors. Also SAXS and WAXS plus residual stress instrumentation.

Spectrolab  has always been associated with laser and electro optics and we offer a range of products including optical tables, monochromators and mechanical components

Our Raman systems include hand held instruments, Micro Raman, Raman for kinetics studies, mapping instruments and much more.

We also manufacture a unique Raman Laser filter monochromator for eliminating unwanted laser radiation that is tunable from 200nm to 1000nm

We have a full range of thermal stages that have been designed for a wide range of applications including optical spectroscopy, Raman, X-ray diffraction, microscopy, electronics and much more. Temperature range of these unique compact thermal stages is -190 to 1500C and there are 38 different models

Spectrolab are also the exclusive representatives for a number of scientific instrument manufacturers

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