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Spectrolab Analytical - AAS Atomic Absorption and inexpensive hollow cathode lamps

Spectrolab Analytical UK

The Atomic Absorption spectrometers

The model S44 series of atomic absorption spectrophotometers are an easy to use and very versatile range of instruments used in many laboratories, universities and colleges around the world. These remarkable instruments are extremely rugged and combine high sensitivity with a small footprint. They are also extremely reliable. Portable versions are available for users who wish to move there laboratory to different sites or locations. We also have a range of AAS with graphite furnaces. The S40 series are microprocessor based and do not require a PC. However PC options are also available along with excellent analytical software. We offer a complete range of accessories including inexpensive hollow cathode lamps and elemental standards. We also offer a range of Hydride options including attachments for Mercury analysis. Atomic absorption is the preferred technique for trace element analysis providing  ppm sensitivity for all applications. Our atomic absorption spectrophotometers can also be used as high sensitivity flame photometers as well as atomic fluorescence spectroscopy

Sample handling and inexpensive hollow cathode lamps for AAS

Our most popular products are a complete range of inexpensive hollow cathode lamps typically costing just $100 each and being less than half the price of other manufacturers are currently the best value in the world. We also offer element standards in liquid form


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