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Spectrolab Analytical - FTIR

Spectrolab Analytical UK

FTIR Infra Red Spectroscopy

Our model S70 FTIR spectrophotometers provide a choice of instruments suitable for research laboratories, industry and colleges.  The range includes high resolution instruments providing a resolution of 0.5cm-1 as well as basic inexpensive instruments with a resolution of 4.0cm-1These are reliable and extremely versatile research grade FTIR spectrophotometers offering very high S:N and a wide wavelength range of accessories including ATR, DRIFT and SR. We offer a reasonably priced infra red microscope in addition to diamond ATR accessories. The S70 series FTIR  is a “state of the art” Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer  that accommodates all types of infra red spectroscopy

Sample Handling for FTIR

We offer a full range of support products including IR sample handling accessories. IR sample handling options include, ATR, specular reflection, DRIFT, disposable mounts presses and mills. Also variable path length cells, KBR powder, hand held and hydraulic presses,  windows, chart paper, pens etc. We also supply a range of infrared fibre optics and probes. We have an extensive range of infra red data bases

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