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Spectrolab Analytical - Microscopes, Microscope image analysis / CCD cameras

Spectrolab Analytical UK


This is an extensive range of microscopes of all types. The range includes simple student models to fully equipped metallurgical microscopes. We also have a unique range of microscope CCD cameras and imaging analysis systems in addition to “plug in “   image analysis systems that will interface to all other types of commercial microscope. Hot and cold stages are available for all models

Just some of our microscopes and related products

Catalogue Reference                     Description

23541                                                    EUM5000P          Polarising microscope
23542                                                    CMM  1300         Metallurgical microscope
23543                                                    CX40                    Biological microscope
23544                                                    EUM                     Polarising microscope
23546                                                    EHM                     Biological  microscope
23548                                                    2000 series          Multi purpose microscope
701102                                                  CCD camera        Fits all microscopes
701103                                                  Digital low cost student microscopes
701105                                                  Digital low cost student microscopes
701106                                                  CCD camera with Image analysis
701107                                                  Microscope thermal stages
701109                                                  CMOS Microscope CCD cameras
701110                                                  WCAM USB Cameras

We also offer a range of “Cloned microscopes”  similar to other manufacturers models at half price

Our range includes double, triple and multiple microscopes

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