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Spectrolab Analytical - Xray Fluorescence EDXRF

Spectrolab Analytical UK

EDXRF X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers

This range includes both bench top and hand held instruments.
The model 6000 is particularly useful as a low cost Gold and precious metal analyser
The model 9000 is a unique very high performance multipurpose instrument available with all the latest detectors
The model 8000 is also a very high performance instrument that can analyse in vacuum providing optimum performance for light elements

Sulphur in oil analyzers.

Based on our models 6000 and 9000 EDXRF these unique instruments are designed specifically for the analysis in oil and similar liquids. They have been designed to be very sensitive to all elements present in oil and especially sulphur

Rosh and WEEE.

The European directives relating to recycling materials is quite specific regarding elements of interest and limits of detection. Our unique analyzers can quickly determine any elements present from Mg to U and specifically Cd Cadmium, Hg Mercury, Hexa valent Chromium (Cr6), and Poly-Brominated Bi-Phenyl Ethers ( PBDE )

Also Pb, Cr, Br, Cl, As, Sb etc. Both desk top and hand held instruments are available for this application

Hand Held XRF

Our extensive range of hand held EDXRF instruments are perfect for mineralogy,  environmental, geology. metallurgy and all general applications including assaying and precious metal analysis.

These rugged and reliable X-ray fluorescence instruments are easy to use analysers that can be operated by anyone. No special services are required. Installation is very simple and we can complete your installation for you on line. We also offer on line technical support anywhere in the world

Our EDXRF instruments include Gold and precious metal analysers .

These are inexpensive instruments that can determine karat values and analyse all elements present in a non destructive way. Analysis takes just a few seconds


is also available and is widely used in the cement industry and elsewhere

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