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UV-Vis-IR Spectrophotometers

The model S10 series of Spectrophotometers are a wide range of high performance instruments that include both single and double beam designs. The range includes visible, ultra violet and near infra red models covering a wavelength range of 190nm to 1100nm. Resolution options include 0.5nm to 4.0nm according to choice. Excellent software is provided along with a wide range of useful accessories. These include auto samplers, variable temperature cuvettes, reflection attachments making it easy for absorption , transmission and kinetic spectrophotometry. The range includes single beam spectrophotometers, double beam spectrophotometers, visible spectrophotometers and near infrared spectrophotometers

Sample Handling for UV Vis spectrophotometers

This range includes glass, quartz and polymer cuvettes. D2 lamps, W lamps and a range of attachments that allow all type of UV Vis spectrophotometry

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S10 Research Grade UV Vis-NIR Spectrophotometers

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UV Vis Spectrophotometers Microwave Digitizer

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